25 Modern and Timeless Art Deco Engagement Rings

Art Deco Jewelry is a revival of the 1920’s elaborately decorative designs you might have seen your grandmother or great-grandmother wear. Movies like The Great Gatsby are one again highlighting the beauty of old Hollywood-era glamour and an appreciation for fine details.

The liberal use of small accent stones and exquisite metal filigree designs makes these rings more a piece of wearable art than a status symbol dictated by a large center stone. Not that there’s anything wrong with a big, shiny diamond – it’s just not the look for everyone.

This time around, however, they are usually blended with a modern influence. You’ll generally see somewhat larger center stones, use of colorful precious and semi-precious stones, and mixed metal designs. The stones may also be a rougher cut, adding to the character of the ring.

As a bonus: blood diamonds are also a thing of the past with the designs shown below. Much like Art Deco, conflict-free never goes out of style.

1. Vintage Elegance

vintage elegance art deco engagement ringScarlett Johansson is a fan of this style of ring, as evident by her own similar Art Deco engagement ring. The use of two different cuts of stone ensure light-catching sparkles no matter what angle you view it from. The designs on the side of the band are simple enough to not detract from the center stone, but elaborate enough to appreciate when it’s not sitting perfectly center on your finger.

2. Timeless Art Deco


This ring is a true example of timeless beauty. The detail around the larger center stone is just the right amount of understated. Half-moon stones on each side of the ring add an unexpected element that helps bring together the bridge when viewing the ring from the front or back.

3. Straight from the 1920’s


A true vintage 1920’s ring that presents the modern-day wearer as classy, but not pretentious. Sound like anyone you know? The imperfections of the mine-cut diamond set in white gold filigree hint at a level of unrefined beauty that never goes out of style.

4. Cushion Cut Perfection

cushion-cut-art-deco-engagement-ringA cushion cut stone is the perfect addition to bring this elegant design into the present day. Created as an engagement ring, the detail in the filigree would make a perfect cocktail ring and is sure to generate discussion.

5. Emerald In Platinum

art-deco-engagement-ring-vintage-greenAre you a fan of emeralds? You’re not alone – Halle Berry rocks a green stone on her left hand too. Crafted in the 1930’s in pure platinum, this emerald and diamond Art Deco ring wouldn’t be out of place in a royal European jewelry collection.

6. Milgrain Brilliance


If yellow gold is more your style, this just might be the perfect ring for you. The milgrain details around each stone only add to the brilliance of this piece. The unique halo design around the perfectly-proportioned center stone mean you’ll never tire of looking at it.

7. Something Unexpected


Do you tend to gravitate toward the classy, but enjoy a dash of something unexpected? A geometric Art Deco ring like this one has plenty of character to perfectly compliment your unique style. The lines are clean and bright, warranting a second glance to appreciate all the detail from each angle.

8. Tiny Tiara

Blue-Apple-Co-Engagement-Ring-TiaraThis Art Deco ring give the appearance that you’re wearing a pretty little tiara on your finger. Who says you can’t wear a crown of your own in everyday life, anyway?

9. No Catch

Silver-Vintage-Solitaire-Milgrain-Engagement-RingFor the modern woman with an active lifestyle, a detailed Art Deco ring such as this is the perfect addition. The gentle slope of the bridge of the ring to the center stone means it won’t catch on anything while you’re going about your day. The incredibly elaborate milgrain imparts feminine details without being overwhelming.

10. Lolite a.ka.a Water Sapphire

Lolite-Sapphire-Sterling-Engagement-Ring-Water Sapphire

Here is a ring you’d expect to see at a grand estate sale, or passed down through the generations of a family. The lolite (aka Water Sapphire) center stone has a gorgeous deep blue hue that will pair well with everything from blue jeans to formal gowns. This ring is perfect as either a wedding ring or a right-hand ring.

11. Make A Statement


Now this is a statement ring. The accenting around the 2 ct cushion-cut center stone draws attention from afar. The designer also kept the band of the ring simple, which keeps the integrity of Art Deco style without going overboard on detailing.

12. Understated Art Deco


A truly classic and timeless Art Deco design. The lines on the ring draw your eye to the center stone, but also the elegant filigree on all sides of the band. Understated and elegant.

13. A Must Have For Jewelry Lovers


If you don’t already have an alexandrite stone in your collection, here is your chance. Alexandrites change color depending on the light source shining on it at the time. Combined with the modern rose gold metal and beautiful Art Deco wedding band, this ring conveys refinement and a bit of playfulness.

14. Clean Lines


Like the look of Art Deco, but don’t want anything too elaborate? This antique 1920’s ring fits the bill! The lines created in the metal band are clean, and not frilly. The European-cut center stone is accented with a sapphire on each side for a hint of intrigue.

15. Exude Confidence

3-05-carat-vintage-art-deco-diamond-sapphire-engagement-ringUnderstated can be so boring sometimes. Created around 1925, this ring says “WOW”. The gorgeous European-cut 3.05 carat center stone is flanked by caliber-cut sapphires on each side. There are also several smaller diamonds set throughout the ring to compliment the Art Deco designs in the band. This ring exudes confidence.

16. Modern Morganite

art-deco-inspired-cushion-morganite-and-diamond-halo-ringA gorgeous pink morganite stone is one way to put a modern spin on Art Deco. The delicate pink color perfectly compliments the halo of diamonds imbedded in the band – along with a few playful bezel-set stones. Extravagant, yet not obnoxious at all.

17. CLASSIC Art Deco

1-05-carat-art-deco-engagement-ringFor those who love a true classic Art Deco design, look no further. Created in the mid-1920’s at the height of the Art Deco movement, this ring is quite literally the definition of Art Deco. No modern twist; no colorful, giant center stones – just a classic, geometric elegance.

18. Ethical Cartier Emerald


It’s rare to find a sizeable, clear, ethically-sourced Columbian emerald. It is even more rare to find one from the 1920’s still intact and in such good condition. Surrounded a halo of baguette and single-cut diamonds in true Art Deco form, this Cartier original is meant to be treasured.

19. Old World Art Deco


If the phrases “Art Deco” and “Old World Charm” were to come together to create a jeweled love child, it would be this ring. The GIA certified sapphire surrounded by diamonds and delicate milgrain in the band make this in an instant classic.

20. Coveted Canary

cushion-art-deco-diamond-ring-settingIf you’ve been waiting for a coveted canary diamond set in Art Deco style, the wait is now over. The designer here surrounded this beautiful cushion-cut bright yellow stone with a simple design on the top and sides of the band. Just enough flair to convey Art Deco, but not so much as to detract from the obvious star of the show.

21. Take A Second Look

cushion-french-set-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-in-18kt-rose-goldAt first glance, this ring doesn’t exactly say “Art Deco”, but look closer at the bridge and underside of the center stone and you’ll find it. This playful design is set in a modern, romantic rose gold.

22. Fleur-de-lis


preset-engagement-rings-art-deco-and-milgrain-diamond-halo-engagement-ring-14k-white-gold-1.18ctAre you drawn to the elegance and strength of the fleur-de-lis? This piece combined the iconic symbol with Art Deco style for a unique and eye-catching design.

23. Customizeable Center Stone


Here is a statement-making Art Deco ring that’s pulled out almost all the stops. Customizable with the center-stone of your choice, any cut will complement the intricate filigree design on the band.

24. It’s In The Details

antique-style-art-deco-diamond-engagement-ring-14k-yellow-gold-0.33ctA simple split-shank design with smaller diamonds peeking out from every angle, this ring is unassuming and timeless. The small little details are sure to be appreciated every time you glance at your hand.

25. Art Deco Ever After


This is a unique design even in the world of Art Deco. Reminiscent of the headpieces worn by noblewomen in the movie Ever After, the intricately designed band is almost mesmerizing. A classic with a bit of a twist – much like some of our favorite people.

These rings show that you have an appreciation for jewelry as a form of art and the attention-to-detail that is lost on so many. Remember that there is a reason Art Deco has stood the test of time: bold, feminine, unexpected, and NEVER out of style.