How To Clean Your Diamond Ring At Home 💎

how to clean your diamond ring

Learn how to make your engagement ring REALLY sparkle! (cheap, easy and effective) Hey everyone so today we want to show you all about cleaning your engagement ring. The first thing that you have to know is that diamonds by nature are very attracted to dust, fingerprints and dirt. They […] Read more »

Seven Reasons to Buy Tanzanite Jewelry

tanzanite jewellery

Tanzanite – the mystic gem of Africa that a Masai tribesman discovered in Merelani hills, an area in northern Tanzania under the “rooftop of Africa” – the snow-caped Mount Kilimanjaro. Gemologists identified the gemstone as the blue transparent variety of the zoisite for the first time in 1969. Tiffany & […] Read more »

How To Choose Pearl Jewelry: All Secrets Revealed

Pearls have been covered with romance and myths since ancient times. These beautiful gems with organic origin have adorned monarchs and religious icons as a symbol of power, wealth and purity. How pearls are formed The pearls are produced by mollusks in salt water and by mussels in fresh water […] Read more »

How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real

Natural diamond has been for centuries the King of gemstones, fascinating mankind with its unique physical and visual properties. Diamonds have always been precious throughout the whole human history. This explains the fact that for decades many has sought alternatives to natural diamonds by creating “look-alike” imitations (Gemological Institute of […] Read more »

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Jadeite Jewelry

Jadeite is one of the precious stones with longest history that holds a special place in Chinese culture. Its lush vibrant green color symbolizes beauty, pureness and knowledge. Known as the Stone of Heaven, the jadeite is supposed to give protection to the person who owns it. However, nowadays it […] Read more »

7 Engagement Ring Trends 2019

Thinking about getting engaged next year? The choice of an engagement ring is not something to be postponed. It’s important to start doing research at least six months in advance. We’re here to help with this review of the top 7 engagement ring trends from expert jewelers going into 2019. Read more »