13 Conch Jewelry Pieces That Will Take Your Breath Away

In a market saturated by synthetic jewelry, conch pearls are a breath of fresh air. However, strictly speaking, they are actually not pearls.

Oysters secrete nacre in response to grains of sand or other irritants entering their shells, creating pearls. Conch pearls are non-nacreous gems formed by a substance consisting primarily of calcite. Albeit lacking the luster of nacreous pearls, their organic, natural beauty is no less astounding.

Where does the name come from? Conch pearls are produced by a big sea snail called the Queen Conch mollusk. They are pastel-hued, usually pink, and oval shaped. The best pieces feature a wave-like structure on their surface akin to flames. Their unique gleam and smooth, porcelain-like appearance delight.

Conch pearls are rare, luxurious, and highly demanded after the resurgence in popularity of natural gems, among other reasons.

1. Conch and Diamond Art Deco Bracelet

Cartier Conch and Diamond Art Deco BraceletThe riveting Art Deco era gave life to some of the most dazzling jewelry in the world. This conch pearl and diamond bracelet was designed almost a century ago and sold on Sotheby’s for the whopping 3,274,500 Swiss francs in 2012. This isn’t surprising given its beauty and that it was created by Cartier.

2. Diamond and Sapphire Conch Butterfly

Diamond and Sapphire Conch ButterflyThis conch butterfly set with diamonds and sapphires is an example of conch pearls at their finest. Here, you will observe the glimmering, iridescent flame-like pattern mentioned above, typical of the most beautiful conch pieces. In case you were wondering, the pattern is formed by calcium carbonate platelets arranged in concentric circles.

3. Conch Pearl Earrings with Diamonds

Conch Pearl Earrings with DiamondsThese conch pearl earrings are set in hand-crafted, striking 18K white gold, and feature glittering diamonds on top of that. The accessory is perfect for a woman looking for something just a little bit different. The shades of peach and pink bear a striking resemblance to some of the best colors of coral.

4. The Earrings of Your Dreams

sarah ho earringsThese earrings are just as gorgeous as our previous choice. The cultured pearl industry has nothing on rare natural pearls, and at no time is this more obvious than after a glimpse of these fabulous Sarah Ho creations.

5. Diamond and Conch Pearl Pendant

Harry Winston Foliate Motif Diamond and Conch Pearl PendantThis foliate-motif pendant, which can also be worn as a brooch, lies at the heart of nine conch gems. Its leaves are set with vintage-cut diamonds. The jewel delights not only with its 6.2 cm conch pearls, but also a French assay mark for gold. It is shipped in a navy blue leather pouch by the designer, Harry Winston.

6. Conch and Diamond Flower Pendant

Conch and Diamond Flower PendantThis beautiful necklace with conch pendant features 25 carats of astounding diamond flowers. It is a work of art, the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else. Gorgeous and luxurious abalone gems adorn this exquisite piece of avant-garde conch jewelry. The rare gems are unusually large in size, contributing to the uniqueness of this creation.

7. Platinum-Set Conch and Diamond Ring

Platinum-Set Conch and Diamond RingGorgeous conch gems are at the heart of this exquisite platinum ring, encircled by 22 teardrop diamonds. The ring features two conch pearls set in luxurious platinum. The 4.51-carat diamonds are GIA certified.

8. Amazing, Iconic Conch Pearl and Spinel Earrings

Amazing, Iconic Conch Pearl and Spinel EarringsThese iconic earrings boast massive conch pearls accentuated by spinel, a gem found in exotic destinations like Sri Lanka, Burma, Tajikistan, Madagascar, and Afghanistan. They are carefully handcrafted using white gold and copper, but their intricacy does not come at the expense of comfort. In fact, they are suitable even for daily use.

9. Dazzling Conch Pearl Brooch

Dazzling Conch Pearl BroochThis breathtaking brooch is surrounded by sparkling white and pink diamonds, pink sapphires and tsavorites. It is handmade using yellow gold, white gold, palladium, and platinum. The massive conch clocks in at 3,75ct. It can be delivered in less than 4 days depending on your location and comes in an elegant leather box, which contains a handwritten thank-you note – we think this is a very fine personal touch.

10. 18K Gold-Paved Conch Pearl Earrings

18K Gold-Karen Suen Paved Conch Pearl EarringsThese astounding jewels are set with a 12.54-ct conch pearl and 8.07-ct rose-cut diamond. They are paved in 18K white gold. At the center is a glimmering, giant white pearl. Truly an outstanding piece of the Karen Suen collection – the best choice for a daring woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind.

11. Conch Pearl Pendant – A Feast for the Eyes

Conch Pearl Ruby PendantA sight for sore eyes, healing for an aching soul. This is a conch pearl and ruby pendant set in 18-k white gold hanging off a dazzling double strand chain. It combines the most amazing gems and precious metals in one intricate, ravishing piece of jewelry.

12. Diamond, Conch Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire Ring

David Michael Jewels Diamond, Conch Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire RingThis (mainly) conch pearl and diamond ring incorporates unique details, a product of creative genius. It is a vintage-style jewel featuring a rich cluster of conch gems that surround an old mine-cut diamond, flanked by rubies, spinel petals, pavé-set pink diamonds, and pink sapphire. These brilliant gems lead to pavé-set tsavorite garnet, a stem of green and yellow diamond, and a translucent, diamond-accented shank set in platinum. The ring is handmade by David Michael Jewels in Australia.

13. Austrian Conch Pearl and Diamond Ring – For a Real Connoisseur

Austrian Conch Pearl and Diamond RingWe’ll complete this list of the most beautiful conch jewelry with this classic, elegant, halo-mounted, handmade ring set in platinum and 14-ct white gold. The giant conch pearl at the center is framed by glittering, mine-cut diamonds. It is a hallmark vintage design offset by the characteristic flame structure of the conch. This ring even comes in different sizes!

In a market dominated by cultured pearls, conch gems are highly demanded, as they form completely naturally, without any human intervention whatsoever. This is why this amazing and exclusive jewelry delights you so much. Conch jewelry is the most perfect choice for a strong woman who is very much in tune with her unique needs.