7 Engagement Ring Trends 2019

Thinking about getting engaged next year? The choice of an engagement ring is not something to be postponed. It’s important to start doing research at least six months in advance. We’re here to help with this review of the top 7 engagement ring trends from expert jewelers going into 2019.

These rings will take your breath away with their elegant, timeless designs. Two-tone gold and fancy-shaped centerpieces are just two examples of what lies in store for you. Without further ado, here are the 7 engagement ring styles that will be hot going into 2019!

1. Bypass Rings – An Eternal Classic from the Victorian Era


Bypass rings became popular back in the days of Queen Victoria. Traditionally, they symbolized two souls coming together as one according to Lucas Horton, GIA Graduate Gemologist with the luxury jewelry company Valeria Fine Jewelry. They can hold different shapes of diamonds and colorful gemstones to create something truly unique.

In the Victorian epoch, they were perceived as less pagan and more elegant extensions of symbols of infinity. Bypass rings will be among the hottest trends next year because they offer a great combination of minimalist spacing that is not to be observed with conventional rings.

Where does their name come from? The sides of the band pass by one another to frame the stone at the center of the ring instead of meeting in the middle, thereby representing continuation and preserving individuality. What is more, some bypass rings can hold more than one diamond centerpiece.

2. Horizontal, Unconventional East West Rings


This ring design is unique in that the stone sits on the band horizontally, going against the grain. Cherished and loved by women like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Portia de Rossi, an East-West ring is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a timeless, yet current symbol of love according to James Allen.

Admittedly, this ring style is not new to the scene, but its presence is becoming more and more formidable, especially among soon-to-be-newlyweds looking for something unique. With this ring style, the diamond or gem at the heart of the ring is flipped 45 degrees, a fresh take on a familiar ring style. Another advantage of this setting is that the stone looks larger.

3. The Oval and Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring – Dazzling Brilliant Cut


These rings are round and feature brilliant cut diamonds. This stylish design is appreciated by women of all walks of life around the world and is set to be one of the next big things in 2019. These rings are simultaneously unique in their appearance and close in feel and sparkle to conventional round diamond rings. Vogue Magazine informs that oval and pear shapes carry a lower price tag than round shapes, yet they appear larger within the same carat range.

Couples have favored these shapes when selecting diamond engagement rings for quite some time, but their popularity is expected to peak next year thanks to the timelessly elegant and characteristic shape. Oval and pear-shaped diamonds are also more practical than square-cut ones, which can get caught in clothing and accessories. They offer a very flattering look due to their relatively narrow shapes that make fingers appear longer.

If you’re mesmerized by these diamond shapes, there’s good reason for that – they are the ideal choice for a woman who would embrace a classic with a twist. A woman who yearns for something a tad more distinctive could do no better than this.

A useful tip when shopping for an oval diamond engagement ring – consider the length-to-width ratio. Typically, the range of the length-to-width ratio is from 1.3 to 1.6, with the latter lending a more oblong look, and the former – a more rounded shape.

4. Baguette Rings – the Art Deco Rings of Choice in 2019



Baguette diamond rings are set to be the rings of choice when it comes to accents. The name refers to their slender and elongated shape. 2019 promises we’ll be seeing this distinct rectangular shape more and more often. The shape is what makes them really stand out. That being said, they’re far from a novelty – this engagement ring style actually dates from the Art Deco era. Baguettes lend a sophisticated and sleep appearance when set in engagement rings or wedding bands.

The use of futuristic geometric forms and clean lines was typical of Art Deco rings, a manifestation of the wild, rebellious roaring 20s spirit. This motif accommodates the streamlined geometric shape effortlessly. Today’s modified baguette cut diamonds have a vintage appeal that’s ideal for a soon-to-be wife who embraces modernity, specialists with Simon G. Jewelry find.

5. Micro Pave Bands – Young, Fresh, Practical


Engagement ring specialist Marisa Perry Atelier predicts that the majority of buyers will favor extremely thin micro-pave diamond bands for their wedding bands and on their engagement rings starting next year. This is because the size and beauty of the center stone are highlighted by an ultra-thin diamond band. It’s also a fresher, younger look that modern-day couples appreciate.

6. Two-Tone Gold Combinations


Perhaps the most beautiful trend we can look forward to, two-tone rings offer a dazzling combination of white gold with yellow or rose gold, creating a romantic and striking look. Experts with US jewelry company Four Mine confirm that the best designs of these remarkable rings are the braided, woven, and stacked kind. Two-tone rings also make it possible for the wearer to buy a matching wedding band in yellow, white, or rose gold.

Two-tone gold engagement rings with diamonds are sure to capture your heart and imagination. These rings are designed to last, sure to become a family heirloom, and crafted to perfection. From more conventional looks to clean contemporary lines, these sparkling beauties captivate and delight. You’ll be able to flaunt your diamond ring for decades.

7. Floral Cluster – Perfect for a Spring Proposal


Floral cluster diamond rings are perfect, and not only in spring. The cluster rings add an additional layer of shine and shimmer to your preset stone of choice. Looking beyond the fantastic glitter of this style, the first thing that springs to mind is the exquisite flower-shaped bevy of diamonds.

We would recommend a rosebud-shaped stone on a rose gold band. One almost imagines the flower growing as the light waves pass through the diamond cluster. The renowned company Diamonds.pro guarantees this is a trend to look out for.

When a Diamond is More Than a Diamond

Round diamonds are still the most popular choice when it comes to expressing your love through an engagement ring, but these new shapes are giving them a run for their money next year. Oval, pear, or rose-shaped stones are also a great option if you’re on a budget, as the cut maximizes surface area. That means the diamond looks bigger and more beautiful, yet costs less. If that and our expert opinions aren’t enough to convince you!