11 Inspiring Jewelry Trends For 2019

Unlike clothing, jewelry trends often last longer than a season. This is partially due to being costlier upfront – your favorite bobbles and duds should be seen as an investment, after all.

Whether you’ll be opening up your jewelry case to find your favorite heirloom piece or searching for the hottest jewelry designers, you want to make sure that your outfits are completed with up-to-date accessories.

To that end, we’ve assembled a list of the hottest jewelry trends to help you bring 2018 to a fashionable end and carry you into 2019 looking your best.

  1. Tropical Whimsy

You might think those translucent green earrings you picked up in the Caribbean are only suitable for summertime, but these pieces are actually incredibly versatile. Also referred to as island paradise, Pantone stylists named this color one of the top trends leading into 2019.

Adorn yourself with your favorite seafoam green gems or a classic piece of real turquois for a look that will take you from professional meetings to dinner dates seamlessly. Keep your look trendy with an understated necklace and bold, big earrings. Aquamarine jewelry pairs well with this color, for those that like to stack.

  1. Statement Earrings

While you may have cringe worthy flashbacks to the days of ‘90’s hoop earrings, fear not. Today’s earrings have evolved to include bold shapes, block coloring, and mixed materials. We’re especially fond of styles that pay homage to ancient American and African cultures, like the Mayan look seen above.

Super long earrings are on the menu for those wanting to be bold, yet a little different. Popular in Paris runway shows this year, these earrings are sure to get a second look from those you encounter during your day. It’s a fashionable way to make a memorable first impression.

  1. Pearls

Do pearls ever really go out of style? We don’t think so. Update your look this year with statement pearl earrings or an asymmetric freshwater pearl necklace. If you happen to have your grandmother’s pearl ring and it’s just a little small for your ring finger, you’re in luck: pinky rings are also in this year.

  1. Pinky Rings

Thinking about a pinky ring might steer your thoughts towards images of music moguls or Victorian-era royalty, but we’re going for a more delicate look. Keep your normal ring-finger jewelry where it is, and add a complimentary, daintier ring for a modern look.

If you want a chunkier, less feminine look, find one to fit your pinky and let it stand on its own. Statement rings like these don’t need to be reserved for cocktail parties. In fact, that brings us to another trend that we don’t anticipate going out of style soon: the boyfriend ring.

  1. Boyfriend Rings

Unlike many fashion trends that are driven by runway fashion designers, the boyfriend ring is a response to public influence. Le Vian named boyfriend rings the 2018 Item Trend of the Year in response to the growing demand for men’s rings. By making traditional men’s signet rings and fashion bands available in smaller sizes, everyone was able to join in.

  1. Greenery

Panton’s Color of the Year is more a collection of shades and images than a single color, but the message still get across. Greenery adds a brightness to any look, no matter the season or occasion.

Don’t limit your accessories to green gems or flower broaches: have some fun with green pendants like these adorable avocados (seriously, who doesn’t LOVE avocado anything?).

  1. Vintage

The dainty, feminine charm of art deco and Edwardian designs is experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity for the first time in a long time. While most of the trend is centered around engagement and wedding rings, you’ll start seeing art deco everywhere in a matter of time. Couture circles are taking full advantage, as they should.

Combined with the trends of pearls and pinky rings, we expect there to be much more filigree and lacey, delicate touches in the next year. If you’ve got some vintage heirlooms, now is the time to put them front and center in your jewelry chest. Add a truly modern look by finding an art deco ring set in rose gold.

  1. Chunky Necklaces and Collars

Some outfits, like strapless dresses, really need a statement necklace to balance the look. Paired with understated earrings, collars are making a comeback a bit sooner than we anticipated. Don’t worry, we’re not upset about it.

  1. Opals

Opals are a truly versatile stone. They look great with everything from blue jeans to black tie evening wear.

Some might not consider opals as timeless as pearls, but the fashion world begs to differ. So does the general public – as opal engagement rings (in rose gold) are one of the hottest trends of 2018.

One of the reasons we’re so bonkers for opals is the variety of colors and hues they come in. If the traditional soft white and pastel colors don’t appeal to you, look for a green, blue, or even a fire opal.

You can also find natural opals in just about any shape and size – from small earrings to statement necklaces – without breaking the bank.

  1. Multicolor Pieces

Rainbows don’t just belong in the sky and on flags. Embrace this colorful gemstone trend with a multi-stone necklace or statement ring.

Bonus points if you can find a piece set in rose gold – one of the hottest trends of the last couple of years that is showing no sign of going out of style.

  1. Rose Gold

Unlike its silver and gold cousins, rose gold looks fantastic on almost every skin tone, which is likely why it is still growing as a trend. It’s also unique in that you can layer or stack rose gold pieces with gold and/or silver without clashing.

Usually paired with a diamond or morganite, we absolutely LOVE rose gold with a colored gemstone or freshwater pearls to give it a touch of something unexpected.

Update your jewelry stash for the next year (or so) with rose gold pieces that reflect the trends mentioned above. Find some gorgeous art deco pieces with a rainbow of gemstones or a fiery opal, or even give the boyfriend ring a try in rose gold. You can bet that your new rose gold pieces will serve you well as an investment in the years to come.