Seven Reasons to Buy Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite – the mystic gem of Africa that a Masai tribesman discovered in Merelani hills, an area in northern Tanzania under the “rooftop of Africa” – the snow-caped Mount Kilimanjaro. Gemologists identified the gemstone as the blue transparent variety of the zoisite for the first time in 1969. Tiffany & Co. recognized the beauty and potential of that stone, gave it a name as exotic as its African origin and started promoting it all over the world. Today tanzanite proudly takes a place between the most coveted colored gemstones.

We will give you 7 reasons to buy tanzanite jewelry:tanzanite stone1.The COLOR: The lovely tanzanite shows deeply saturated blue, violet and rich purple colors that strongly resemble the hues of the sapphire but at the same time displays a unique blend of the blues and violets that no other stone could rival.

2.Attractive PLEOCHROISM (the optical property to show different colors from different crystal directions): after careful heating of the rough tanzanite that usually comes in brownish, greenish and yellowish colors in nature, the gem reveals its attractive pleochroic blues and violets that are so coveted. The resulting colors remain consistent and never fade away. Virtually all tanzanites are heat-treated.

3.The SIZE: large fine quality tanzanites are easily available compared to most of the other gems.

4.Variety of CUT SHAPES: Tanzanite is facetted by master cutters into a large variety of fancy shapes – squares, cushion, octagon, trilliants, ovals, round, etc. that gives you the freedom to choose your favorite one set into your earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants or brooches.

5.The RARITY: Tanzanites could be found only in one source on our planet and that is the Merelani area in Tanzania. The supplies in the mines are limited. At times during the gem’s short history there were fluctuations in supply and the prices rise steeply.

6.AFFORDABLE: Large fine quality tanzanites are much more affordable and still more available alternative to the best blue sapphires.

7.There is NO SYNTHETIC tanzanite developed, so you could be sure that you are buying a gemstone created by nature before millions of years. You should be alert just for the usual imitations: glass, synthetic forsterite, synthetic corundum and synthetic garnet that could be easily distinguished by gemologist with standard equipment.

Henry Platt, President of Tiffany & Co at the time of the discovery of the tanzanite, and great-grandson of Louis Comfort Tiffany, called the gem “the most beautiful blue stone to be discovered in nearly 2000 years.” So why don’t you choose the star in your next jewelry to be the gorgeous tanzanite.