16 Unique Wedding Rings – One-Of-A-Kind Rings That Will Steal Your Heart

Back in the 13th century, Pope Innocent III mandated a waiting period when two people wanted to get married, creating a term of “engagement.” This is how the concept of engagement arose. And yes, it’s finally come – the moment you’ve dreamed of your whole life.

The wedding ring is a symbol of the connection between two people coming together in a blessed union. Our 16 unique wedding rings, all of which are available on Instagram, will take your breath away. Feast your eyes on these stunning pieces of paradise and don’t forget to share with friends!

1. Gorgeous Diamond Engagement Ring with Pink Accents

Gorgeous Diamond Engagement Ring with Pink Accents
This beautiful, unique engagement ring features a smooth band and a spherical brilliant centerpiece encircled by gorgeous pink diamonds. Designed with an ambitious woman in mind, it goes far beyond what you would expect of a standard ring.

2. Dazzling, Trendy White Gold Ring

Dazzling, Trendy White Gold Ring
This sparkling modern white gold wedding ring stands out thanks to its quirky design. A great gift for an out-of-the-box thinker like yourself. It features .22 ctw white, round-cut diamonds, twinkling like the stars in the sky.

3. Diamond Ring Set

Diamond Ring Set
This dazzling wedding ring set with a diamond accent stone pattern was made with a creative woman in mind, who has a unique approach to every situation, and deserves an engagement ring that is truly unlike any other.

4. The Holy Trinity: Diamond, Rose Gold, and Amethyst

The Holy Trinity: Diamond, Rose Gold, and Amethyst
If you love rose gold and can appreciate the strength of richly colored amethyst, look no further then this little piece of heaven. It is set in custom-made rose gold and features glimmering, conflict-free diamonds. The best present for a strong woman who will stop at nothing.

5. Champaign Diamond Wedding Ring

Champaign Diamond Wedding Ring
Champagne diamonds are an imaginative take on the classic white. This slightly off-white diamond engagement ring also has an eye-catching contrasting finish. A breathtaking present for a truly amazing woman.

6. Sapphire and Diamond Combo

Sapphire and Diamond Combo
The original engagement ring stone was not diamond, but sapphire. This diamond ring with additional sapphire stones does not break with tradition, and what’s more, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

7. Fabulous Emerald-Cut Ring

Fabulous Emerald-Cut Ring
An incredible ring for an amazing person – posh, yet practical. The absolute best of both worlds. This beauty delights with diamonds custom-made across the Atlantic. The unique round cuts on both sides tapered in size are absolutely brilliant. The total weight of this diamond is almost 4 carats. The emerald-cut diamonds feature VS+ clarity and F-G grade color, and VS-VVS and D-F color for the brilliant round cuts.

8. Art Deco Baguette Ring

Art Deco Baguette Ring
This is a beautiful baguette diamond wedding ring in the Art Deco style. It is simple, elegant, and classic – the perfect gift for a woman with excellent taste!

9. Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

Diamond Eternity Wedding Band
If you’re looking for a ring that manifests your love clearly, effectively, and convincingly, this remarkable circular-style eternity diamond band is the ONE.

10. Astounding Teardrop Diamond

Astounding Teardrop Diamond
Unique rings are one, if not the best thing about weddings. Never is this more true than with this stunning, teardrop-shaped diamond ring, shimmering against the backdrop of a rhombus.

11. A Ring for a Queen

A Ring for a Queen
Be taken away by this tiara-like, teardrop-shaped, double band diamond ring with rose gold. A present only you are worthy of!

12. Sparkling Diamond with a Dash of Sapphire

Sparkling Diamond with a Dash of Sapphire
In keeping with the sapphire tradition, this ring set incorporates unique details, making it a true miracle to behold, the product of creative genius. In the 13th century, when the engagement tradition came to life (see intro) and sapphire was the original engagement stone, people believed its color would fade or change between the time marriage was proposed and when the wedding took place (i.e. the period of engagement) if the woman wearing it was dishonest or deceitful. Delight in the bright, never-changing hue of this dazzling gem!

13. Delicate, Elegant Diamond Ring with Gold Band

Delicate, Elegant Diamond Ring with Gold Band
A dainty, simple, yet sophisticated gold wedding band with diamond ring. The best choice for a persistent, willful, and honest woman. No frills – just the bare necessities.

14. Unbelievable Wave-Design Engagement Ring

Unbelievable Wave-Design Engagement Ring
The wavy pattern of this lovely engagement ring and fitted set is accentuated by 14 carat rose gold with a centerpiece of recycled diamonds. The design invokes associations with antiquity. It makes us think of the mighty god Poseidon we all remember from Greek mythology. This beautiful ring expresses true, undying love, deeper than the deepest ocean in the universe.

15. Large-Faceted Vintage Diamond Ring

Large-Faceted Vintage Diamond Ring
The vintage glamour makes this engagement ring a dazzling beauty like no other. We worship rose-cut stones, especially when their facets are this huge. A white gold Mokume Gane band sprinkled with silver lays the foundation for a rose-cut salt and pepper pear-shaped diamond. A truly charming rustic vintage ring.

16. Unique, Delicate Diamond Ring

Unique, Delicate Diamond Ring
We can’t imagine anything more delightful than this exquisite, unique vestige of eternity. Be the happy owner of this beautiful diamond ring!

Bonus – Crown-Style Wedding Ring

crown style wedding ringWe couldn’t possibly finish without at least mentioning one of the biggest trends in 2018 – crown-style rings. The name derives from the shape of the jewel – the stones are set around the band like a crown. This sapphire and diamond ring is THE choice for royalty if there ever was one. The unique design will lend your wedding set that coveted ‘wow’ factor. We’re amazed by how the sapphire stones match the diamonds – one is placed after the other in series, creating an exceptional allure.